Francesca Macdonald

Civil Engineering Canada


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Occupation and qualification

Hello, this is Francesca Macdonald and I have successfully completed my PhD degree from the University of Montreal in civil engineering. Currently I am associated with the online help service and also work as a guest lecturer in the University of Toronto. Serving students give me the opportunity to share my knowledge and act as a guiding start.

After completing my PhD in the year 2010, I started my career as a lecturer, but after 2 years I changed my career plan and opted as a guest lecturer. I am glad to be a part of the online portal that offers help to students facing problem with the subject.

Associated with the online help portal

Keeping in mind the current scenario, my intention is to help students who are having problem in civil engineering subject. My idea is to take them out from the difficult scenario and create interest on the subject. Students gain confidence when they successfully handle the subject and this is only possible when there is complete clarity.

So, I take the initiative to understand the actual problem of students and then come up with the solutions that gives clarity and knowledge. Delivering the assignments within stipulated time is what I emphasize upon.

Professional skills

I have gained highest rank in the University and this proves my clarity on the concepts related to subject. I have dealt with students worldwide and enable them to find solution to problems. As a topper in my domain, I have the opportunity to deliver information to students and make sure that they can easily deal with the exam.