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Welcome to my profile, I am Finley Fraser holding an MS Degree in Statistics and Data Sciences. I have completed my Master’s from the University of Alberta, Canada. For more than six years, I am working in a reputed firm who maintains industry-wise statistical records and studies on the market fluctuations.

Occupation/ Designation:

By occupation, I am a Statistical Analyst in a firm for quite long now. I work on various research papers with students in this field. It is a tough field to opt for in today’s scenario.

I decided to teach and contribute to students struggling in the field of statistics. Having a good knowledge of the concepts can lead any student into high placements. So, here I am to help learners as it is getting stressful day by day.

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This home-work platform is an excellent invention for online tutors and students all over. It’s a few years now working with this federation serving the students in a significant way. I am here to help out all the Undergraduates and Post-Graduates in the field of Statistics.

Professional Skills:

I have been worked and researched upon 500+ projects and papers for students. Most of them get problems while aligning the data with graphs. In Statistics, the graphical presentation is essential to get a base upon the findings.

Various projects are there that requires a lot of graphics, charts to be developed after research. It leads to a proper justification for the student’s findings for the project. So, I help students get the concept to match-up the results with data.

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