Erin Dawson

Chemical Engineering Canada


Industrial Chemistry Momentum Transfer Separation Processes Energy Balance Heat Exchanger Design Applied Electrochemistry


After completing my Masters in Chemical Engineering I have started my career in chemical manufacturing industry. Myself Erin Dawson and I am associated with the company for the last 5 years. Now, I am working in the senior level in the company and also achieving a good career growth.

My knowledge and degree has helped me to achieve excellence in the field. I am now enjoying the massive growth in my career life. From the University of Waterloo I am pursued the degree and gain good grades in exam.

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Professional skills

I have pursued my Masters in Chemical engineering and this proves that I have sufficient knowledge on the subject. Students come up with the problems related to their assignments and as professional I make sure to help them out while delivering the accurate solutions within stipulated time.

The complex and simple project is easily handled without much hardship and make sure that high quality solution is delivered.