Clint Damon

Chemcial Engineeriring USA


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I completed my Post graduation in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas, and I’m working as a research associate at the moment. At the same time, I’m employed as a lecturer and I teach UG and PG students. I have been working with for 6 years and have helped as many as 800+ students with their homework. It’s always a pleasure to help aspiring scholars with their work.

Association with

When I was a PG student myself, I profited immensely from the guidance of my professors, and as an academician, I intend to help students in similar ways. My research allows me to stay acquainted with more detailed knowledge and information that students can usually access. This enables me to help students gain an edge in their projects and dissertations. I have helped UG and PG students with dissertations, conference papers, and more.

With students, time management is always a key factor. As one can naturally understand, a professional teacher already has the answers (or atleast better access to the answers) that the students are looking for. A PG student might need a few weeks to complete an assignment that I can complete within a few days. So I do my best to help them deal with their hectic academic life.

Professional Skill

Chemical Engineering has been my area of specialisation and I have 6 years of experience in helping students from different universities with diverse assignments. My research endeavours and work experience allow me to provide the best service to students.

Humphre, USA ( USA )

Thank you. I will contact you again very soon