Cameron Parker

English Canada


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Hello to all my fellow Learners, I am Cameron Parker. I have my Degree of MS in English and Literature from Université de Montréal, Canada. Currently, I am working with a well-known Journal and Magazine Developer Firm. I got my course done and Degree in hand five years back.

Occupation/ Designation:

I have been working as a Creative Editor in a Magazine, for some long time now. It’s not a very tough field to understand. It has all to do with formulating drafts and write-ups on concerning topics ahead. As of now, I am providing solutions with the students and helping them write better at all terms.

In Association with

I am working as an online tutor, here in this learning platform for a long now. The student base over here has reasonable inquisitive minds to learn. Being an individual with great explaining tactics, I like to teach my learners and followers here.

I help out in writing quality content and framing materials for journals and magazines in print. I address students with queries in any of the writing matters, maybe its crafting content, editing of the same.

Professional Skills:

I am professionally viable for any of the writing and editing services. I also have working experience on the same. Students who find it hard to read, research on topics before writing on it are most welcome for better understanding. Learn writing, analysing and editing contents along with proper proof-reading of it.

I make students learn the detailed but not so hard tips and tricks upon writing and editing.