Caitlin Bentley

Electrical Engineering Australia


Kirchhoff’s Law Circuit Theory Current Digital Electronics Logic Gates Mosfet Power Quality Transformer

Hi, this is Caitlin Bentley and I hail from Australia. My favourite subject is electrical engineering and after passing out from famous University of Melbourne with a gold medal in Electrical Engineering, I am currently associated as an electrical engineer with a famous company for eight years.

Association with

I always had a knack to know more and my work on various machines led me to choose a career in electrical engineering. Since academics was also an alternate love of mine, I immediately got associated with My attachment with has not only made me live my dreams but also showcase my skills as a teacher. I love to be a tutor to a mass of students from all around the globe. There is so much fun and so much to learn in a platform!

Professional skills:

My expertise lies in electronics and electromagnetism too. There are students who come to me with new assignments and projects which I find interesting to solve. There are lost of dissertations to do too since I interact with University level students too. I am a pro at teaching tough topics like Power engineering, information theory, control system and many others.

My motto is not only to attend good students but look at poor ones too. With my unique storytelling concept of teaching, I have a record of completing more than hundred assignments in a month! Well, online teaching in has helped me gain popularity as a teacher and gain lots of love from students all around the world!

Savannah** ( Australia )

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