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Hi I am Avery Brassie and I hail from the State of California. Currently I reside in New York City. I majored in English from the University of Sacramento and further did my Masters in English too.

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I am currently a high school tutor with a renowned school. Apart from this, my love for this subject has helped me get associated with Myhomeworkhelp.com. Here I am an online English tutor teaching student for over five years.

Being a native English speaker, my specialisation lies in the fact that I know certain technical aspects for the language as I have been teaching English in high school for over ten years.

Professional skills:

With more than a decade’s experience in teaching and helping students with this subject, I am well acknowledged with the requirements of the students regarding their projects and assignments. There are descriptive essays, literary analysis and I help students from all around the globe with these types of assignments.

Students having English as their Second Language or ESL get my guidance and not only with assignments, I help them in literature too. However big or small, I take up each assignment as a challenge and deliver my best within deadlines. I have more than hundred assignments up my sleeve.

Apart from being a teacher in high school and an Online tutor, I am an active supporter of conservation of environment as well! I love to read a lot and write too. I am my personal blog where I research and write about various literary topics.

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