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Hello, I am Andrew Leeche and I have always been a topper in my school. Having completed my M.S degree in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology my specialisation lies in Java. Presently I am a professor in one of the most famous Universities in America. Also, I am an Online tutor with

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As I completed my M.S. degree in Computer, my dream was to help students in better understanding and analysing various concepts of computer science. Java, being one of the toughest one, requires expert guidance. I help students in memorizing them the concepts and help them with their assignments as well. I am also a columnist in The Huffington Post and have my writeups published in regular magazines in the state as well.

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My association with has helped me gain popularity amongst students in the field of Computer Science and has open newer avenues for the students too. It is important to learn concepts of Java. With more than three hundred assignments up my sleeves, I am with for the past seven years. Students from all around the world come to me to gain computer knowledge and work on in-depth computer languages. Computer being one of the most important subjects these days, having clarity in this subject is recommended.

My association with high school teaching helps me to face newer challenges each day and I grab them to turn them into opportunities. Every day there are many students whom I help in teaching unique ways and I just love my job!

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