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Amy Roberts is a Washington State native, currently residing in Seattle. She is an English major from the prestigious Seattle University, with a Masters in the same subject. After graduating, Amy was unsure about which way to drive her career. But soon after, she found her calling in teaching English as a foreign language.

She is currently employed at an ELS facility in Seattle, and is particularly adept at helping out students who struggle with the subject.

Her passion for helping out students, soon after, led her to join an online assignment help provider, four years ago, as an expert for the language.


Amy with her knowledge of the English language is well versed with each particular of the subject. Her expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Case studies
  • Report writing
  • Essay writing
  • Literary analysis etc.

She takes up each job as a challenge and dives into each topic for a thorough understanding. She understands the parameters for complying with the standards set by universities, including Ivy League Schools.

Since she is professionally engaged in teaching ESL, she is capable of providing excellent guidance to students who struggle with understanding the language. Thus her abilities are not just confined to helping students with over a 100 assignments per month, but also branch out towards familiarising them with the nitty gritty of the language.

Other information:

Amy Roberts is also actively engaged in various social causes and is a certified bibliophile!

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