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Alice Humphreys is an online academic teacher and also works as a guest lecturer in University of California. She got her PhD degree in mathematics from University of Cambridge and has been guiding students for the past 5 years now. Apart from online tutoring she also works as a part time research scholar in a reputed University in California.


I completed my page degree in mathematics from University of Cambridge around 8 years back. Currently I work as an online tutor and am also associated with a reputed University as a guest lecturer, where I teach UG as well as PG students

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I was always a very average student but my professors really helped and guided me to do well during my college days. I also intend to do the same and therefore I try my level best to utilize my expertise to help students finish their assignments on time. Although mathematics might seem like a very complicated subject but it is the most scoring one. Therefore I always make sure that I eliminate the phobia of numbers from my students’ thought process. is an amazing platform for students as well as tutors to exchange knowledge. I have been working with this platform for the past two years and I try to write more than 150 assignments every month for the students in need of some guidance. I always try my level best to help the students deal with their hectic schedule in school as well as college.

Professional skills:

While I was pursuing my PhD in mathematics I learnt quite a few tricks which could come really handy to students while solving their problem sums. I have a crystal clear knowledge and conceptual clarity in mathematics so I think I can guide students easily. I always hope that my research experience would provide me an opportunity to help my students.