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Demand and Supply Nash Equilibrium Oligopoly Keynesian Model Exchange Rate Absolute Advantage

Hi, I’m, Alex Welch currently an assistant professor in London School of Economics. I have completed my Ph.D. a few years back from this prestigious college and have been an assistant professor of macroeconomics here.

Professional skills

Growing up, I excelled in Economics and statistics in high school which developed my interest in this subject. Before taking admission, I decided my purse a career in this field which I love. With excelling in each class, I soon become the TA here and then went onto become an assistant professor.

Anything related to macroeconomics’ assignment, I offer my expertise on the matter. I’m associated now with this online teaching platform for over a year and have been helping pupils around the world with their homework dilemmas.

Through my materials, I help people learn about various aspects of macroeconomics and help them become knowledgeable about economic structure of a state, country, or world. With a keen insight into this subject matter, I offer assistance to all who need it.

Also, through this platform, I aid students to develop their knowledge which not only gets them high grades in assignments but also in their written examination. With easy to remember examples and real-world situations, I assist scholars to have an in-depth understanding about a topic which eliminates the need of mugging up chapters.

My entire teaching career, I have observed that numerous students have issues understanding concepts and more. This is my way of helping these pupils out so that they can have a remarkable academic career.

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