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Hello People, I am Aaron Naylor, holding an MS Degree in Management Studies from the University of Toronto, Canada. I have completed my course of MS specializing in International Business Management and Public Relations. At present, I am with a globally recognized Enterprise as a Business and Public Relation Developer. I have been working for 5+ years now.

Occupation/ Designation:

Having a Degree in International Business Management and working for quite long now. I generate business opportunities worldwide and maintain good PR with them for my Enterprise. And after getting an experience of real markets, I decided to help the students in the same field of business.

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I choose to become an online tutor within this helpful platform for students and help them learn overall business aspects. I have worked in almost 300+ projects and researches. I make the students understand the comprehensive concepts of building and getting business worldwide.

Creating real monetizing business opportunities in today’s market scenario is getting hard day-by-day and maintaining the relations with stakeholders too. I address all the essential topics in detail for better understanding.

Professional Skills:

I have a real time work experience in the field of business along with the studies in the same. I know how the students will ace the upcoming interviews for their placements. Had an idea of what all need to be on their list to cover and get placed in some Multinational Companies in future. So, here I am with all the solutions to questions popping-up in the curious minds.

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