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Debate Topics for College Students with Answers

Preparing for a debate topic is part of the academic curriculum for any college student. It is also an interesting activity for young mind that keeps their brains engaged. Even though it might be problematic for many students during preparation of the topic, it could be fun to work on it. The most challenging task for the students is to choose atopic which gets the attention of teachers as well as other audiences also.

This requires that topics should attract the attention of the audiences. Also the topics and its contents should be interesting to the students and they should have knowledge on what they are going to talk about. Teachers should assign debate topics for students with answers for them so that they can easily prepare their points of view on that topic. Some salient features of a debate topic are:

  • The title of the topic should be catchy and attractive for its audiences
  • The topic should be simple and clear for the students as well as its audiences also.
  • The topic given to the student should be logical and practical for the student to talk about.
  • It should be fresh, relevant and interesting for both side
  • It should be debatable in the sense that it should be about a subject matter that is currently under issue and valuable to the society.
  • The topic can be based on any genre like educational, political, scientific, sports, entertainment or any current issue.
  • The title itself can be in the form of a question, provided the student is able to give a solution for it.
  • The subject matter of the title should be relevant to the content of the debate.

Having listed some of the salient features of debate topics for college students, let’s proceed to choosing a good debate topic for them.

How to choose debate topics for college students with answers?

To participate in any debate activity in college, it is important for a teacher to assign good debate topics for college students with answers. Since there are many issues to debate about, choosing a suitable good topic is a challenging task for many students. In order to do so, the student has to know the objective of the discussion. But a student has to do a lot of research work and choose a good subject matter and solution for discussion. The teacher should give the student those topics that they have knowledge about and which is interesting to work on. Here are some tips to choose debate topics for college students with answers:

  1. Topics must be interesting and fun to talk about

Students must choose that they have knowledge about and that which they are confident to talk about. Moreover the topic must be gripping and fun to prepare for the students. The topic should also hint the issue discussed and give solutions for the problem. Students must be fluent with the matter and should be able to argue their points of view. This is necessary to get the audience’s attention.

  1. Topic discussed must balance with opposing team’s capability

Whatever topic is selected, it should be equal such that both teams’ students are able to give their point of view. It should not be vast and must not include too many aspects of the issue. The topic must be simple to talk about and easy to understand. This will boost the student’s confidence on that subject matter. Hence, topic selected must be clear, simple and easy for both teams to talk about.

  1. Topics must be easy to research on

Debate topics must be selected such that students can prepare them with ease. They should be able to do their research work on the topic without any hassle. Research work can be done with the help from internet, teachers, families and friends and must not be too much detailed.

  1. Preparation time should be considered

Debate topics for college students with answers should be given enough time for preparation. Research work takes some time and thus, students must be given enough time to prepare for their topics.

  1. Respect the opponents point of view

When arguing for a debate, students from both teams must respect each other’s view and accept the opposing points also. They should be polite whatever the topic is.

 Where to find debate topics for college students with answers

Searching for debate topics for college students with answers can be a competitive task for the teachers and students. Students need to prepare for a particular topic.  They might find it tiring and time consuming to do the research work for that particular topic. Hence, the teachers and lecturers should help by providing them with the sources from where to find them. Here is a list of sources from where to get debate topics for college students with answers:

  • Internet –

In today’s advances world, the internet is a popular online platform to search for any topic, subject matter, answers, etc… that help students academically. Student can google their topic and content and get all their information in just a click of a button.

  • Public library –

If a student lives in a locality where he has no internet access, he can always go to the nearby local or public library to do his research work. The library is a quite place to do their work with concentration and where one can find many resources from old newspapers, books, scholarly articles, etc…

  • Public media –

Radio and television are good sources of public media to find debate topic topics for college students with answers. By listening and watching the news on television and radio, students will have an idea of the topic to debate and get some subject matter to talk about.

  • Newspapers, journals and scholarly articles –

These are good sources of information for debate topics for college students with answers. They can be obtained from the internet or the public library.

Ideas of debate topics for college students with answers

When college students are assigned for a debate competition as part of their academic curriculum, they begin by searching for topics to argue on. A debate is an argumentative speech given by two teams who put in their points of view. So the teacher must assign them with topics that are unique and familiar to the student’s knowledge. Topics should be such that resources are readily available for student’s research and regarding an issue that is debatable. Here are some ideas of debate topics for college students with answers:

  • If a tournament is around the corner or the student is a sports person, then giving them a topic related to any sports game is a good idea. Since it is a general issue, the student can easily argue his points in favor of or against that topic.


  • People are very health conscious nowadays and do various things to keep themselves healthy and active. Hence choosing a topic related to health issue of the general public and giving a suitable solution and preventive measures is a good idea for both students and teachers.


  • Some people love to cook. Cooking is a talent for some. Even students might be interested in cooking a dish. If the students are given a cooking topic, then they will positively prepare for it with great interest and enthusiast. They can argue on what foods are healthy to eat and cook and what is not healthy.


  • Music is another interesting topic to debate about as some students might be music lovers and other might not listen to music. The topic can be about the type of music.


  • For students from the political science department, a topic related to the world current affairs is ideal for them. Politics is a debatable issue and student can also give their points of argument for and against that.

Having seen some good ideas for debate topics for college students with answers, students can go through all the given points before starting their research work. Debate is an engaging and interesting activity for any student and hence a part of the college curriculum. Many educational institutions regularly assign debate topics for college students with answers as part of their syllabus to motivate the students and instill confidence in them. This helps students to survive in this competing and fast moving world. Some important points to create a title for the topic are:

  • The title should be catchy and attractive
  • It should be posed as a question to attract audience’s attention
  • It should define the issue to be discussed
  • The issue in debate should balance both for and against the points.

Hence, debate topics for college students with answers should have a title that says it all. The topic can be about anything but careful consideration of the students’ knowledge and ability should be taken into consideration. Moreover, the topics should be given such that students are able to argue for and against the issue. Which choosing debate topics for college students with answers, several factors such as educational level, type of debate, etc….are considered.

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