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Debate Topics for College Can Be a Challenge at Times

We have all participated in Debates during our tenure in school. It is a part of growing up. We have participated in classroom debates, seminar debates, corporate debates, public debates and so on. There are debates on television every day, between different political parties and so on. However when faced with a debate, we all turn into stones. We need ample preparation time, some me-time for practice and so on. We actually start getting the jitters, when faced with a debate. Most importantly, debate topics for college can be a huge challenge.

Let us first, l find out what a debate it?

It is a form of speech to disclose some important information in public. It can be for a competition, an event or just a discussion between. It is definitely argumentative in nature. It can take place with single participants or teams. Debates occur in well planned settings, so that all the members get a chance to speak on the same.

First and foremost, the two debating teams are given a topic to debate on. The positive supporting side of the debate is called the Proposition and the opposing side is called the Opposition.

There are various debating styles. All of us come across debates in many scenarios, like social, cultural, political, religious and not to forget educational contexts. The topics selected for debates can be anything; however the most common ones are controversies vying for attention.

How to Debate?

The most important thing to drill into your mind is that your opposition team and audience will have opposing or alternative arguments for your proposition. Always, keep in mind. Hence, when you are preparing for the debate, always research well into the topic you are going to present. Look for all kinds of information, be it websites, journals, books. It can be almost anything.  Also, you could take interviews of notable people, who you think can give you proper information on the selected topic.

There are various debate topics you can come across when looking for debate topics for college.  The list below can give you a fair idea, of what you may come across.

  • Social networking platforms – Are they effective communication tools in today’s environment?
  • Can holistic therapies and alternate modes of treatment replace proven medical methods?
  • The use of nuclear bombs
  • Should human beings be cloned or not

There are numerous topics. Now, let us find out, how we can find out the best debate topics for college.

  • First, think about the various topics you come across. What would you like to present the topic on? What are other students lacking in? Find out, what more information people want on the said topic. Will the selection of the said topic help you in distribution of important information? Your answer to all these questions can help you in finding out the best debate topics for college.
  • Also, you have to make sure that the language and topic level be maintained for the students. It should not go over the top of their heads. The targeted students should be able to understand what you are saying and why you are saying something. Do not select very complex topics. Always, read the audience demographics, before finalizing any topic for debate.
  • Now, your audience may also try to learn and collect more information on the topic after attending your debate. Always, prepare material for your audience to read on.
  • Most importantly! Time management is very crucial to your debate. All students or team members should have enough time to prepare on the topic. This way, team members can come up with great points to debate on.
  • When you are debating over a topic, always be positive. Affirmation is important.

Debate topics can vary according to level of education

Foe elementary school or junior school, you might consider topics for immature and inexperienced students. They have just started their journey of life and you do not want to burden them with high level topics, right? The various topics, you can explore are: School picnics and their importance, usage of mobile phones in elementary school, should cartoon channels be locked and a few more.

Then there are topics for middle school and high school as well. They can be related to gadgets, movies, sports, holidays, educational pressure, and sex education and so on. You can get a whole lot of topics, after a good session of brainstorming.

Debate Topics for College

The debate topics you will choose for college need to be controversial, relevant, clear and as per student’s mental levels. Please note a few of the topics here.

Reference – “Does living in a dorm help students assimilate into the college community or does it hurt the educational process?” “Does cheating get worse when students enroll into university or college?”

The formats are also very important for you note. The various debate formats are persuasive debates, controversial debates, argumentative debates and a few more.

Persuasive Debate topics

It is a part of persuasive writing, in which logic and reasoning is of prime importance. It aims to persuade a reader or audience to adapt to a norm or to act in a particular manner. The main parts are:

  • Introduction of the topic with a thesis statement
  • Stating facts and fiction
  • Proving the thesis
  • Argue against opposition’s view points
  • Giving a suitable closure to the argument

The Planning Stage Is Extremely Important. You have to choose your position carefully. Then read the audience’s mind, analyze the intelligence level of your audience. Then research well on the topic. Then give a proper structure to your essay. Always, test your claim. Collect ample amount of evidence for your topic. Facts are very powerful tools in debates, without which you will fall flat when opposed. Use statistics as well. They give you numerical figures. You can also use quotations and examples from famous personalities. All, of these can give power to your case. So, use these without discrimination.

Controversial Debate topics for college

These writings are always very challenging to write. These cover powerful issues which have a huge impact on society, cultures, polity and other important arenas of life. People have strong opinions about these topics. All kinds of debates on public politics come in the newspapers every day. It is of prime importance. There are topics that can provoke a riot, if not dealt carefully.

Some good topics for controversy in college are:

  • Abortion –

The topic is doing the rounds in all spheres of society. It is an act of murder of the unborn. Yes, that is what, it is. A woman getting aborted for bearing a girl child is very traumatic news today. Such a topic needs to be presented with immense care, in front of the public. New generations and older generations have vastly differing views on this topic. First, study the audience, they you decide how you are presenting the debate.

  • The usage of cannabis in college. This is very important for college goers. It actually involves your peers, so be careful when presenting such a topic. Cannabis is also called weed, hashish and a variety of other names. It gives a high to people to take it. It is sedative. It is far more potent that alcohol, cigarettes etc. It is widely used globally, in legal as well as illegal manner as well.
  • Animal testing –

is another important topic, which is widely discussed. PETA is taking active interest in these kinds of topics. Animal abuse is of prime importance in today’s 21st century. People are ready to fight for animal rights. An estimated 26 million animals are being used for testing in laboratories. They are being tested for medical treatments, determination of toxicity of chemicals, biomedical, commercial and healthcare related issues.

Propositioning teams say, there is no other alternative to this. They say, it is required for modern medicine development. Some also, say that strict regulations are being maintained everywhere. However, that is not the case. This is where opponents come in. Opponents say that it is a cruel practice to experiment on animals, and those alternative methods are available to scientists. It can replace animal testing, and those animals very different from human beings, so research will not always provide the correct data. However, still it is being practiced widely.

However, proponents say that animal testing is not replaceable. They say, a lot of development in medicine has taken place in last 100 years, thanks to animal testing.

The proponents say, it is the right source for testing. Foe e.g. Chimps share 99% of DNA design with humans. We all know, humans have descended from them, right?

So, these are the nuances of debate topics in college.

You have to deal very carefully, when you present such sensitive issues for debates in college. You can even offend the government and the government might also penalize the college for doing such a thing.

So, draw your plan for controversial debate topics in college or any other topic, whatsoever. You can get immense help from web world and journals.

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