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Customer Perceived Value Assignment Help

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Customer perceived value is an important area of discussion in the fields such as marketing, business management and economics. Thus if you belong to any of these streams then you will definitely come across this topic. It is a wide area of study and in order to avoid any sort of confusion you must get customer perceived value homework help.

What is actually the meaning of customer perceived value?

When we talk about the customer perceived value it is actually a sort of evaluation that how much value a customer perceives for a product or service while actually buying it. Thus here we talk about the customer perception that how much total benefits he is getting by obtaining the product or service and keeping in account the cost that will be required to pay for obtaining such things. Customer perceived value is helpful in determining the satisfaction level of customer and in order to buy the product it must have a perceived value for the individual.

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Exact calculation criteria

The customer perceived value is calculated as follows-

Customer perceived value = the total of perceived benefits – the total of perceived costs

Thus a customer before buying a particular thing will estimate in mind the total benefits he can derive by using that product or service in comparison to the money he is paying to obtain such thing. He will buy that thing only if it is of some perceived value to him and for that total perceived benefit should exceed the total perceived costs.

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A general idea about this concept

Customer perceived value can also be said as the anticipated benefit related to a product or service from his own perspective. For determining the perceived value a customer may consider about various things like the utility provided by the product or service, tangible aspects, psychological motives, social factor etc. After evaluating all the factors and comparing it with costs, he can finally decide that whether the product or service is of some value to him or not.

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