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2 Basic Formats for How to Write a Body Paragraph

When I was in college, one of my friends Serena came to me for help.

She was a student of biology and I was a literature student.

We were the best friend for years and took the admission in the same college.

I knew she hate when someone said to write a few lines about something.

Serena had no idea how to write a body paragraph. Even in school most of the time I completed her literature and she helped me with science. What she feared came with a deadline. Even though having biology in her subject she had to write about her experiment that she was working on. I know you get this kind of shock too like her.

It was difficult and different than normal essay writing. Those biological terms which we don’t use in literature have to be incorporated in an essay. I was totally unaware of how to write a body paragraph for an experiment. But somehow I figured it out and help my friend to get A in the grade. I thought her how to write a body paragraph because it was not possible for me to help her every time.

That day I realize how difficult for a science student to write an essay. I know you are stuck in there too. You wish that if you have a friend who can write for you or at least teach you to write. It doesn’t matter what subject you belong to, essay writing is a nightmare for many students. Until you complete your study writing will not leave you till then.

You don’t need to ask for help to anyone. Like I helped my friend Serena I’m here to help you too. With some simple steps and explanations, you will be able to write any type of essay or thesis etc. Here in this blog, I’ll tell you how to write a body paragraph.

What is a body paragraph?

You may wonder why I am not saying essay instead of the body paragraph. Let me explain what body paragraph exactly means. Body paragraph means, a body or main part of any paragraph. Whether you are writing an essay or thesis both have different writing style but each one has a body in it. In the body you have to explain each topic briefly. This part will decide your work.

Writing a body is always different for an essay or a thesis but the way of writing is the same. There are mainly two processes that are being followed for writing a body.

  • T-BEAR

Although approaches are same they have a different name. I’ll explain each of them so that you can get the answer of how to write a body paragraph.


PEELS format for body paragraph:

PEELS stands for P – Points, E – Evidence, E – Explanation, L – Links, and S – Style.

  • P for Point:

Gather every important point related to your topic. Note it down. It cleaver trick that noting down the important facts about the experiment and novel reading. Having a notebook by your side will help you to take note on every point.

Taking notes of important points was not enough. Now you have to check and re-check which points are relevant for your writing. Scrambling with words is not the solution dear. Next, you have to put your every point in order. Line up your experiments’ order or point out which topic is important for the essay of novel reading.

When you have completed your gist then put them in an order of importance. The most important topic will come first in the body paragraph.

Now write the first important point in the body.

  • E for Evidence:

When you are done with your point now come to another significant point which is evidence. The point you have written in the body do you have any proof? You have to give evidence that the point is relevant and true in your body paragraph.

For example, in a novel reading essay writing, you may have pointed out that the protagonist was kind. But the protagonist didn’t have money to help. Now you’re thinking how will you give the evidence? It is simple just take the lines in that novel where you feel that your point is true. Now put the lines together within a bracket. This technique will highlight your evidence.

  • E for an explanation:

This section is the main tricky. You have to explain about your experience and knowledge. You have written about the explanation of point and evidence that you have given previously. A detail explanation is needed on your point. It will clarify your point more.

It will help the reader to understand why you think that point for a particular novel is important. When you are explaining your point doesn’t forget to mention supporting details which will attract readers to read further.

  • L for the link:

When you’re done with your explanation part now you provide some link to your points. It is important because this is how readers will reach to your sources and can see the journal of your evidence. Provide only useful links. Incorporate the links in a synchronized way like your points. Links should be related to your point and essay topic.

Irrelevant links can distract the readers’ mind from your essay. A reader may lose interest in your essay. Keep readers engage by giving examples. This will help them to understand your writing better. If you can put the examples with links then it will be better for your essay writing.

  • S for Style:

Last important section in PEELS format of a body paragraph is Style. Your writing should be stylish so that readers take interest in reading your piece. It is not hard to achieve. Practicing every day will help you to achieve it. But when it is your first essay how will you do its own?

Don’t worry here is your solution. Use bold format to point out important facts. You can use underline for some important evidence. Use italic font for examples. This different style will definitely lift your body paragraph.

Now I have told you one process of how to write a body paragraph. If you want then you can start writing but wait. Don’t hurry because I have promised you to explain two ways of writing a body paragraph.


The T-BEAR format for body paragraph:

This is almost similar to the PEELS. In PEELS and T-BEAR format you can rearrange the order if you want. Every topic needs different ways of explanations. You can change the order of the formats according to your needs.

Full form of T-BEAR is T – topic/thesis, B –brief explanation, E – Examples, A – analyze, R – review/reflect/relate.

  • T for Topic or thesis:

Oh! You can’t miss this one. You can’t rearrange it as it has to come first on top. This is heading of your topic. The heading should be attractive so that readers know the main purpose of the paragraph.

  • B for a Brief explanation:

This part is one of the main focusing points where you have to brief down important facts. It could be the character’s nature or background. It can be also the aim of your thesis. In this section, readers will get a clear idea about your topic.

  • E for examples:

Now give examples of your points. The reader should get proof of your points. You can also give links as your examples and connect the reader with evidence journals. Avoid unrelated examples and links. In the case of novel reading, you can cite some related lines that support your points.

  • A for analysis:

After giving your example you need to analyze them. You can’t just leave the body without analyzing it. Write a detail explanation of your examples and topics. Tell readers why you put the point in your essay. Then you have to summarize the facts in one or two sentences. Return to the point where you started.

  • R for review/reflect/relate:

Take time and point out your opinion. Review some facts about the topic. Join some lines which will connect to the reader with the point. Reflect the idea of yours and it should be arguable. This reflection is your stop.

But wait this doesn’t end here. When I’m telling you the ways how to write a body paragraph I should not miss any point.

Though the techniques which are involved in the writing body paragraph have already discussed, this is different. Your one big task has ended when you put the full stop on the last sentence of your paragraph. Now one more thing needs to be done which is proofreading.

After completion of your paragraph writing, you have checked and recheck your writing. Use appropriate sentences; avoid using the first person in sentences. Check your grammar repeatedly. You can take help from your family or friends too. Now you are completely ready to write a body paragraph.

So go for it dear and prove yourself that yes you aren’t afraid of writing anymore. You can write a good body paragraph too. Grab a pen and paper and start writing.

If you find this blog is helpful for you. And if you feel that you know how to write a body paragraph. Discuss with your friends. Tell them how this blog has helped you to get over form your problem with writing.

I'm from Michigan, USA and working as Tutor at My Homework Help Since 2012. The teaching job is very challenging job, but I love to do. I'm helping students with their homework. If you need homework assistance, feel free to contact me!

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