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18 Steps to Solve Assignment Problems with Detail Analysis of Problems

I often convinced myself to do homework without my will. Is it even ok to force you to study? The study should be fun, interesting. It should consist all possible ways of learning. If you are not learning then there is no point of doing any kind of study. There are many steps to solve assignment problems but which one you should go? Don’t worry I’ll help you.

When I was in class 5 I was assigned with a project called, “specimen collection of plants from your garden”. Sounds fun, right? I felt like little discoverer and took a magnifying glass for more clear observation. It reminded me of ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Yes, I got ‘A+’ on that assignment because I identified 10 different plant species from my garden.

Not all assignment brings fun with it. Some come with danger alert like “reading a novel in two days and write an essay on it”. Now you can imagine how difficult for them who hate literature. I know you are facing the same problems.

You might have spends hours in front of a computer screen to know the steps to solve assignment problems. You may have read numerous articles and blogs but if you still sitting then you are still in trouble. It’s better to discuss your problem first rather focusing on solutions.

It was noticed that most of the high school and kindergarten students are suffering from assignment stress. So where do exactly the problem lie? Is it in the education system or students’ inattentiveness or both? With detail discussions, you can analyze the facts by own and can find the reasons. I’ll discuss steps to solve assignment problems later.

The actual and basic problems while doing homework or assignment:

  1. Excessive assignment
  2. Time limit
  3. Individual assignment
  4. Interference of parents
  5. Boring assignment
  6. Low confidence level
  7. Multiple distractions
  8. Study time management
  9. Concentration problem
  10. Lack of information about assignment topic
  11. More study more problem
  12. Teacher’s irresponsibility
  13. End time hustle
  14. Nature of challenge
  15. Health issues

Detail discussion;

  1. Excessive assignment:

Students these days are given more projects that they couldn’t cover. Every day at least they get two hours of study and within this time it is sometimes impossible to complete.

  1. Time limit:

I really don’t understand why students are provided with a deadline to finish. I mean it ok to have a deadline but not like less. The time limit should be average but only top students can finish projects on time.

  1. Individual assignments:

When students are assigned to individual projects like essay writing, different math problems etc. is difficult for them. Doing projects in a lonely room slower the process of study.

  1. Parent’s inference:

I noticed that parents get involved with students assignments. They sometime pressurize their child to do homework. Stops their outing, cut communication with friends due to assignment problems.

  1. Boring assignments:

All students are different like some hates mathematics or science or some hates literature or history. If it is not their favorite subject then it is obvious it is hard for you to complete the assignment.

  1. Low confidence level:

Sometimes students are able to complete the assignments within the time period. But one problem always rises when they criticize their own work. After listening to other’s projects they start to judge and compare their own projects. Everyone wants to submit a good project but comparisons without thinking about capability lows the confidence level.

  1. Multiple distractions:

Distraction may come in any form like mobile phone, television, friends, game, party, not suitable subjects, internet, social media etc. if you don’t like the teacher in any particular subject though you like the subject, you will face the problem.

  1. Study time management:

If you don’t have any time to study at home then you are in a red alert zone. Because whether you like it or not but daily study habit sharpen your brain. It also lowers the pressure or assignment.

  1. Concentration problem:

There are many students who get easily distracted by even a short insect. They have a problem with concentrating on the study. They forget answers or points of assignment easily. Their brains couldn’t remember properly.

  1. Lack of information about assignment topics:

Sometimes topics are so unique that any information about it is hard to get. Even the internet failed to explain your assignment topic. This is a serious problem. But the chances are rare. Pray that you don’t get any uncommon topic.

  1. More study more problem:

If you get any common topic then you will in trouble too. Because you have access to the library, internet and to improve the quality of your projects you study hard. When you gather excessive information then it’s difficult to store in your brain at one time. The ultimate result is that it slower assignment process.

  1. Teacher’s irresponsibility:

When students are in trouble they run to the teachers. But there are some teachers who refuse to help. They left the student in mid-path. It also affected in grades. This irresponsible behavior of teachers takes the interest and fun from the solving assignment.

  1. End time hustle:

Some students like to start their assignments at the minute. As a result, too much pressure of assignment and its completion on time didn’t let them sleep for nights. Students have to sacrifices their daily routine like game, chats, hangouts, TV, friends etc. Most of the time they can’t complete on time and they have to face the low grades.

  1. Nature of challenge:

Challenging yourself in every step of life is good nature. It will improve your skills and open your mind to explore new things. Then how this could be a problem? Let me explain. If you have completed your assignment on time and edited three times but still you think it was not perfect.

In this scenario, it was your tendency to go after perfection. But the real fact is nothing is perfect in this world. Challenging your own work to do better when it already comes best is an act of foolishness. This nature will ruin your entire project work.

  1. Health issues:

Human health can decrease at any time. These health issues are bumps in your road. It comes unnoticed and destroys your health, mind, time and delay your assignment works.

These are a huge list of problems. Isn’t it? You may wonder that out these 15 problems almost 60% of them are your own problem. How do I realize? Obviously, because I faced them too. I tried many different steps to solve assignment problems. Here I’ll give you a solution to overcome your assignment pressure.

Follow the following steps to solve assignment problems:

  • When assignment stress stands at your doorstep them shut them out. Take a deep breath and start working. Know your study environments. Some like listening music some like calm lonely room. So be comfortable when you are working any of assignment topics.
  • The teacher should be more careful whether students are able to complete the assignment in a given time or not. If not then extend the deadline.
  • Topics that are chosen for assignment should be fun engaging and learning topic.
  • Assignment topic should include outdoor activities like a surveyor knowing your church history etc.
  • A group assignment lowers the stress level. When friends are here them, your assignment will be completed in no time.
  • If parents try to disturb you by scolding or pressurizing more then don’t listen to them. Just keep your focus on the assignment.
  • It’s just an assignment; don’t see it like the devil. You don’t need to change your daily routine but you have to work on your project regularly. It will also help you to finish on time.
  • Don’t judge your own work. Let teacher decided the quality of your assignment.
  • Think of reward like good grades, teachers’ appreciation which will motivate you to do assignments.
  • If you feel like stuck in an assignment then take your problems and go to the teacher.
  • Search the internet and read books and make a good project.
  • You can also ask for friend’s help.
  • If you are feeling that you will not be able to complete it within the given time then talk to your teacher. Maybe he/she will give you some extra time.
  • The study is good but not excess. The amount of study should be according to capability.
  • If you have the problem of remembering then taking notes is a good solution.
  • In the case of health issues give a medical prescription. I’m sure the teacher will understand give you extra time.
  • If you feel too much pressure of assignment then talk to your parents. Parents will help you to get over from stress and pressure.
  • No homework or projects for kindergarten children.

After all assignment completion is your own responsibility. These steps to solve assignment problems will definitely help you throughout your project.

If you find this blog helpful to you and it is able to short out all your problems then share. If this blog helps you to get the idea and give you multiple steps to solve assignment problems discuss with your friends.

I'm from Michigan, USA and working as Tutor at My Homework Help Since 2012. The teaching job is very challenging job, but I love to do. I'm helping students with their homework. If you need homework assistance, feel free to contact me!

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