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11 Tips – How to Write a Good Essay Quickly in 5 Paragraphs

Whenever you get an assignment, your first concern will be presenting a good essay. Do you have any idea what do mean when you are saying a good essay? A good essay defines with topic idea and writing style. The quality of your essay lies 50% on topic what you have chosen and another half on construction and writing.

Now you may wonder how to write a good essay quickly because you don’t have much time left. Writing a good essay may be easy but when you have limited time what are you going to do? There are simple steps to follow to be an expert in writing essay quickly.

In this blog, I’ll explain the steps and tricks on how to write a good essay quickly.Whenever the question hits in your mind just try the following things. I’m sure you will get rid of the worry of how to write a good essay quickly.

Most of the blogs that are written for essay writing one key suggestion is always there, time. They say you need time to think and write. You should not hurry when you are writing an essay. But the fact is you don’t have time. You have to write a good essay within one hour or two hours or may be less than that.

You will overcome from your nightmare end of this blog of“how to write a good essay quickly”. So get ready to know the simplest form of writing a good essay.

How to write A GOOD Essay QUICKLY?

Before I start you should know that a standard form of an essay. A standard essay composed of three section, introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. When you have less time then you should write an essay in five paragraphs. When you know about a standard essay, I can start with the tricks of how to write a good essay quickly.

  1. Time management:

When you have limited time dear you have to manage your time. Distribute your time in the ratio of 2:3:1 is a smart move. How will you do it? Let me explain.

Suppose you have one hour to write an essay. If this is your situation then spend 20 minutes on thinking and analyzing the topic. You can’t take more than 30 minutes to write. Your typing speed or writing speed should be high. Rest 10 minutes should be for editing and reviewing your essay.

  1. Read the essay question

Reading through the essay question will help you to find topics. It also has key features for writing your essay. So before you start your express to write an essay you read the question first.

  1. Choose topic first

Don’t spend too much time on a topic. If you are given with topic, it’s fine. If not then grab the first incident or news or international hassle that come in your mind. Try to remember one thing don’t take any unfamiliar topic because you don’t have time to research. You have to choose the topic before you start your stopwatch. Got it? I’m sure you are getting to the point.

  1. Write small sentences

Writing small sentences will help you to fix your aim in the essay. It will engage people more and it will take minimal time to finish it.

  1. Write a standard essay

I have already explained what a standard essay is. Sticking to it will save you from wasting your time. Writing it in five-paragraph structure will organize your mind.

  1. Compact and short introduction

While you are writing a good essay, an introduction is a key to the door. But you don’t have time to think much about it or decorate the introduction part. The only thing you can do is grab some catchy lines and include them in your essay. Definitely, the lines should be related to the topic. You must know that the last line of the introduction should explain about your topic idea.

  1. Write only three body paragraph

Don’t construct more than three body paragraph and honestly, you will not have time to do it. In the first 20 minutes, you have already collected the evidence to justify your essay. Organize them carefully.

In the first paragraph explain your topic. Make the second paragraph argumentative. And the last and important part of your body paragraph should have all evidence to support your argument.

  1. Wrapping up

A conclusion is nothing but the wrapping up process of your essay. Write each line in conclusion about each paragraph in your essay. And try to wrap the conclusion within five to ten sentences.

  1. Finish writing before time

You have to finish your writing before time. Do you know why? If you finish your writing on time then you will not have any time to edit your document. You should read at least once after writing your paper. For that reason, you have to finish before time.

  1. Last minute review

As I said if you can finish before time then uses it for review. Flaws in your essay will be shown when you read it repeatedly. A good essay doesn’t have any mistake. Correct those immediately you find it. It may be grammatical or in sentence construction. Don’t leave a single trace of mistake in your essay.

  1. Practice

While you are planning to write quickly then you should have a good typing speed. Practice will increase your typing speed and quick thinking. If you are not good at typing, write it down in the paper. I know writing speed is much advanced than your typing speed as you new to typing.

Now you know how to write A GOOD Essay QUICKLY. I don’t think that you have any query left. These are the main key ideas when you are writing a good essay quickly. Just focus and manage your time. Follow the suggestions and I’m sure you will come up with a good essay in a limited time.

If this helps you to find your answers and you feel confident then share. Share with your friends and help them to understand how to write A GOOD Essay QUICKLY.

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